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As the traditional home of women Marines and also the home of the only training camp for black Marines, Camp Lejeune stands alone among the bases and stations that have written many of the chapters in the Corps’ proud history. There is yet another unique distinction that can be credited to Camp Lejeune, it was […]



by LtCol Lynn “Kim” Kimball, USMC (Ret) Women first served in the Marine Corps during World War I, taking over clerical jobs to “free a Marine to fight,” and this phenomenon was repeated in World War ll for the same purpose. In November 1942 a much-needed increase in manpower resulted in the establishment of the […]


Montford Point

MONTFORD POINT   A peninsula projecting conspicuously into the New River at its major junction with Northeast Creek, Montford Point (initially Montfort Point) has enjoyed a remarkable history dating to pre-colonial times Prior to the immediate area’s acquisition by the Marine Corps, it was considered the foremost recreation destination in Onslow County, even being described […]


The Marine Phantoms

submitted by LtCol Lynn “Kim” Kimball, USMC (Ret) Generations of spectators have been enthralled and left spell-bound by the aerial, seemingly death-defying, aerobatics of the world’s premier fight demonstration teams, the Navy’s Blue Angels and the Air Force’s Thunderbirds. However, to the U.S. Marine Corps must go the honors, once again, of being the first: […]


The Lejeune Bell

In accordance with U.S. Navy Regulations, the national flag is reverently hoisted on the flagstaff in front of Building 1, the Base headquarters, every morning at 0800 during a formal Morning Colors Ceremony. This ceremony is further enhanced and solemnified by the striking of eight bells on the 280-pound brass bell affixed to the flagstaff, […]


Parachute Tower Road

Parachute Tower Road, a historic but almost forgotten relic from early World War II Camp Lejeune (then, Marine Barracks, New River) now lies truncated and dead-ended on the perimeter of the massive new regimental complex at Wallace Creek. Once the ingress to the isolated and wooded Parachute Training Area off Holcomb Blvd, it led, beginning […]


The Commandant and The Dragon

The decade of the 80s saw the Marine Corps modernizing and replacing many of the components of its tactical vehicle fleet in order to meet the increasing mission requirements of developing global contingencies. Serendipitously, a revolutionary new vehicle was now available that would provide the Corps with its first true cross-country capability for high-volume logistics […]


Lejeune Naming Vignette

Lieutenant General John Archer Lejeune, Major General Commandant from 1920 to 1929 and traditionally known as the “Greatest Marine,” died on 20 November 1942 and was buried with full military honors on 23 November in Arlington National Cemetery. Lieutenant General and Commandant Thomas Holcomb commanded the funeral escort consisting of two battalions of Marines, the […]


The U.S. Prepares for War and Marine Barracks New River Is Established

Toward War: Marine Corps Mobilization, 1939-1941 President Franklin D. Roosevelt delivers a wartime radio address.In response to the rising tension in international politics during the 1930s, the United States began moving from a peacetime status to a state of increased military preparedness, despite a strong current of isolationist sentiment. But it was not until 1940, […]


Origins of Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune

CREDIT: http://www.lejeune.marines.mil/Offices-Staff/Environmental-Mgmt/Cultural-Resources/History-Live/History-of-Camp-Lejeune Evolution of Amphibious Assault and Base Defense Missions History of the Marine Corps The Marine Corps is one of the several armed services that constitute the Armed Forces of the United States. Established by the Continental Congress in 1775, and re-established in 1798 after the American Revolution with a total of 83 officers […]

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